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What is DevOps?

DevOps streamlines software development by eliminating silos between teams and delivering faster products and services in many successful businesses. The DevOps symbol is an infinity loop that represents constant activity and improved efficiency.

DevOps offers a reliable process and monitoring data that enables product teams to set their objectives, determine requirements with assurance, and devise a solid plan to guarantee that the final product will fulfill the business's and customers' requirements.

That is when developers turn stories and coffee into code. The DevOps team helps developers create an integrated workflow that can be used from their laptops to production servers. These best practices and tools enhance efficiency and reliability, resulting in faster feature delivery and cost reduction.

Deploying packages in production directly from the developers’ laptops doesn't scale and is a risk for any business. With a decentralized and repeatable build process, DevOps can help that no single individual owns the code while ensuring that the application running in production was built by an automated and shared process.

Let's identify and address software issues before our customers experience them. DevOps helps development teams thoroughly test the software at each stage by enforcing that tests are executed and making the results transparent. This way, the business can be confident that the final product will meet their needs and perform optimally in production.

The release is when planning meets reality, and we tell everyone what we have built. They then tell us if they still want it. Here, the DevOps team helps with preparing the software for production release. This includes versioning, tagging, and creating release notes. Automating the release process helps teams deliver new features and updates quickly and consistently, which can drive software adoption and improve customer satisfaction.

Here is where the rubber meets the road: all the work performed by a business is delivered to the customer. We plan to do this an infinite number of times, delighting users with new experiences and features that have been tested and are working. A dream, right? We're not saying it will happen the first time or every time, but practice makes perfect, and many businesses have proven they can do it by following the automation proposed by the DevOps framework.

When our products interact with their users and clients, we need someone to monitor what is happening and take steps to prevent any potential issues from becoming irreparable problems. It is time for DevOps teams to monitor the health of the systems, track metrics, and respond to incidents and alerts. Let me demonstrate how DevOps works with one question: how do you check if you are connected to the Internet? Is it by accessing google.com? DevOps has been around there since 2004!

Do you know if your applications are running without using them? You could ask your users. Bad idea, we know. DevOps can help here too. It has processes to collect metrics, log data, and analyze performance data to identify and address issues and inform decisions about future improvements. It also gives the business insights to make better planning decisions. Notice something? We've come full circle back to planning!

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