Green Mainframe

Google Cloud helps Green Mainframe deliver eco-friendly hosting

The Challenge

Operating as a scalable and agile cloud-native company amidst the dynamic market trends and increasing operational demands. Flexible, scalable, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure was paramount to meeting these growing demands and ensuring operational efficiency.

The Solution

Green Mainframe was born out of a commitment to provide an eco-friendly, reliable, and cost-effective WordPress hosting solution. We chose Google Kubernetes Engine from the start. This platform allowed us to build an infrastructure that supports high traffic, delivers exceptional performance, and enables Green Mainframe to offer services at very competitive prices.

The Result

Thanks to GKE, Green Mainframe has offered high-performance, eco-friendly WordPress hosting that scales with customer needs. The provider can handle many requests per second during peak times, ensuring uninterrupted, smooth performance for all hosted sites. Even more impressively, Green Mainframe's efficient use of resources allows it to offer these services starting at just $0.99.

Our technology strategy revolves around pillars such as being cloud-native and future-proof. We believe that with Google Cloud, we can uphold these principles and continue to provide unmatched, affordable service to our customers

Rodrigo Toledo

Tech Lead - Green Mainframe

Green Mainframe

Green Mainframe offers an affordable, reliable, and environmentally responsible website hosting solution. They aim to empower small business owners and individuals with the tools and resources to easily and efficiently manage their website hosting and maintenance while minimizing their carbon footprint.

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