Sibimpact: Accelerating Sustainable Innovation with Google Cloud

The Challenge

The customer's primary business challenge was streamlining their complex and growing operations while maintaining their commitment to security and customer-specific, single-tenant deployments. As demand for their services increased, they needed a reliable and efficient solution to scale up their operations.

The Solution

Firebase's expansive mobile and web app development capabilities proved to be a game-changer for SIB Impact. With Firebase at its disposal, the organization successfully developed an innovative, collaborative game that offers users an engaging and interactive educational experience. Firebase's robust authentication features are critical in ensuring secure user interactions.

The Result

The wide array of features offered by Firebase has proved invaluable. The unmatched scalability of Firestore has empowered SIB Impact to grow its user base without worrying about capacity constraints. The real-time updates feature has also played a pivotal role in keeping our game dynamic, engaging, and effective.

Our mission required a technology that could support and enhance our unique approach to sustainability education, collaboration, and certification. We found the perfect match for our mission in Google Cloud's Firebase.

Rilker Cavalcante, CTO, SIB Impact


SIB Impact is an ESG Tech that inspires actionable B2B multisectoral innovation of positive impact solutions. Drive people and organizations to UN (United Nations) Sustainable Development Goals through a collaborative game, enabling the ESG (Environmental, social, and Governance) lifecycle from education to certification.

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