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Vibrent Health's Journey with Looker Studio

The Challenge

Vibrent's data visualization and centralization systems had been pretty challenging. The organization has data in various locations, not well coordinated to either be in similar formats or central locations, and their teams are fairly siloed into functional areas, keeping the data knowledge apart. They lacked confidence in the decision-making as clear trends couldn't be spotted in the data.

The Solution

With Looker Studio's comprehensive dashboard, Vibrent Health gained the ability to monitor performance metrics and detect anomalies in real time. Beyond enhancing current operations, Looker Studio lays the foundation for future innovation. As Vibrent Health'sproduct offerings continue to grow and evolve, the dashboard can be easily modified to accommodate new metrics and data sources.

The Result

By integrating Looker Studio's executive dashboard, Vibrent Health is better equipped to create products that truly resonate with the needs of its users and significantly contribute to a healthier future for all. The dashboard has allowed executives and product managers to see trends and make decisions based on real data without wondering if the conclusions were trustworthy or not.

Having time-normalized comprehensive data across the enterprise, located within the Google UI and systems, allows the product managers to ‘play’ with the data to understand whether certain actions are due to some change made by comparing other events to time-spans very easily. This also allowed the company to continue focusing on feature advancements.

Dean Heistad, VP of Technology, Vibrent Health

Vibrent Health

Vibrent Health was founded in 2009 to address a gap in the health industry. Despite the growth of health-related information technology companies, no company existed to fill the niche in biomedical research and mobile and digital health solutions.

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