The benefits of DevOps for product teams: A deep dive

Understanding the benefits of DevOps is extremely important for IT product teams. Therefore, those who work in this industry should be aware of the current events on the topic. Many companies use DevOps to improve how development and IT teams work together, as it is becoming increasingly popular in the tech world. DevOps is also […]

Pathways to a culture of innovation

Keep in mind some good practices on delivering more value to customers and employees, based on the culture of innovation. If we think like someone who manages or controls a company, big or small, which is more valuable: the team of brilliant and creative notables who launched a disruptive idea, or the team that executes […]

Key Benefits of Deploying DevOps and Continuous Delivery to Enterprises

When talking about DevOps, we cannot say that only developers perform IT operations tasks and that the operations team learns to code. Instead, the aim is to provide both disciplines with a much better understanding of what the other does and improve faster and more reliable results. DevOps brings a company’s developer and operations teams […]

Accelerate business growth using Google Cloud Platform for SMBs

With a short time and limited resources, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) need solutions to accelerate and innovate to achieve a good competitive advantage. In this sense, many companies are adhering to cloud technologies that can improve productivity and help with time management by improving their businesses. To understand the challenges SMBs face when adopting […]