Pathways to a culture of innovation

Keep in mind some good practices on delivering more value to customers and employees, based on the culture of innovation. If we think like someone who manages or controls a company, big or small, which is more valuable: the team of brilliant and creative notables who launched a disruptive idea, or the team that executes […]

Say goodbye to G Suite and welcome to Google Workspace

Get to know the new Google’s brand application that already helps us during the work routine. Google has announced that it is taking the G Suite out of the picture. You can calm down because the change is only in the icons and service name. This reformulation takes place after some changes – for the […]

Accelerate business growth using Google Cloud Platform for SMBs

With a short time and limited resources, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) need solutions to accelerate and innovate to achieve a good competitive advantage. In this sense, many companies are adhering to cloud technologies that can improve productivity and help with time management by improving their businesses. To understand the challenges SMBs face when adopting […]

Discover G Suite Essentials And Know If It Is Right For Your Business

Companies using an email and calendar solution outside the G Suite package can now work integrated with the popular Google suite tools and resources. Check out how the new Essentials format works. G Suite has always known for its easy-to-use applications. The most popular features are video conferencing, calendaring, and creating documents (text, spreadsheets, and […]

5 Advantages of Having a Managed Cloud Services

There are many benefits to have a managed cloud service. Security, cost-cutting, focus on productivity, and more. Check out some possibilities that make the days of an infrastructure team easier. A few weeks ago, The Recovery Summit 2020 event showed up trends in the global economy and strategies for companies to survive. Dr. Alex Osterwalder, […]

Google Cloud and AWS: The Impacts During the Pandemic

Considering the “stay at home” behavior that we face, being in the Cloud is still necessary for organizations. It is the right navigator to maintain the business route, searching for goals, efficient deliveries, and growth. Cloud computing resources are crucial and are keeping the world running. It offers security, data scalability, DevOps facilities, VMs controlling, […]