Pathways to a culture of innovation

Keep in mind some good practices on delivering more value to customers and employees, based on the culture of innovation. If we think like someone who manages or controls a company, big or small, which is more valuable: the team of brilliant and creative notables who launched a disruptive idea, or the team that executes […]

5 essential tips for video calls

During quarantine, flexibility is the highest priority in everyone’s life working from home, and technology is the central driver of this flexibility. Video calls are one of the most practical ways to hold meetings and virtually connect with all our work partners. But still, it is not always so easy. So, let’s share some essential […]

Living in quarantine: improve your productivity with Google Meet

During this period of social isolation, everyone is looking for efficient apps to make video calls, be it for business meetings, remote classes or just to hang out with your family and friends. So, let’s know what has changed in recent times! Google Meet One of the main news that Google has brought is that […]