We build technology
for innovators

Cloud, microservices, Big Data DevOps, and so much more to improve your business.
Together, the Webera team works mastering technologies aiming to deliver excellence to companies.
See what happens when technology gets out of the way.

Our Solutions

DevOps as a Service

DevOps as
a Service

Webera developed a customizable consulting service to help our clientes respond with a skilled and fully on-demand team

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Managed DevOps

Webera has people, tools, and processes to manage technology services, all the time.
WordPress Hosting


Your brand online quick and easy. The ideal hosting service to create your website. Green Mainframe by Webera

We are with you every step of the way

Right Start

At the beginning, there is a lot to plan and solve.
If you are working in a collaborative environment and you do not have a registered domain yet, we will help you quickly reach your access to the cloud.

Fast Migration

The migration of emails, existing contacts, and calendars on your mail platform isn’t always necessary. Getting rid of old data will be less time consuming and costly.

Personalized Migration

Allows your users to make the most of the program, including the individual training, awareness, full data migration, including personal equipment.

Support 24/7

Our in-house, expert team
is always on hand to help answer your questions,
get you started, and grow
your presence online.
You can call, chat or email
us any time!

Digital transformation

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More than customers, we have partners

We bring together brilliant ideas, innovative minds, and cutting-edge technologies to build long-term relationships with companies from the Americas to Europe.