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Focus on code. Leave operations to the experts with Webera’s Managed DevOps Services.

Webera Flow

Webera DevOps team is highly skilled and experienced, with a deep understanding of both development and operations. Our goal is to make DevOps simple. Therefore, we created the “Webera Flow” which brings together all the steps needed from Development to Deployment to make sure products are delivered quickly and efficiently.

Value stream

A value stream is the sequence of activities that a product or service goes through from conception to delivery to the customer. In the context of DevOps, a value stream helps organizations to understand the flow of work from idea to deployment and identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the process. By mapping the value stream and analyzing the data, organizations can identify opportunities for improvement and implement changes that increase efficiency, reduce lead time, and improve the quality of the product or service. This can involve implementing automation, adopting agile practices, and breaking down silos between development and operations teams. Ultimately, the goal of value stream mapping in a DevOps context is to deliver value to the customer faster and more reliably.

Reference Architecture

A reference architecture is a blueprint for building a specific type of system or solution. It provides a common set of guidelines and best practices for designing and implementing the system, and serves as a starting point for architects and developers. A reference architecture typically includes information on the overall structure of the system, including the components that make up the architecture, how they interact, and the relationships between them. It also provides details on the technologies and standards that should be used, and any constraints or limitations that must be considered. The goal of a reference architecture is to provide a consistent, repeatable, and well-documented approach to building a system, which can improve its overall quality and reduce the time and effort required to implement it.