Relevant Skills for a Data Scientist

What is the profile of the data scientist? You may have already realized that understanding how the operations analyze and bring new insights through data works efficiently can be the answer to many questions you have about your business and audience.

Companies’ data science area is not by chance; for example, it is becoming essential within business development departments.

The recipe for a data science team

Assembling a team to apply data science methodologies in any area of ​​any company requires trained professionals.

But what makes this science even more impressive is the distinction of professionals who complete a strong front in modern companies, especially those that have grown to normal and today, reaching unicorn companies’ status.

Professionals form a data science team from the following areas:

  • Science of trust and information system
  • Mathematicians and statistics
  • Business

As you can see, the roles cover some different profiles, but for any of them, it requires more than the certificates can offer.

Beyond the technical area

To weigh choices, methods and to observe the panorama of the problem and its solution based on the data, the professionals need to have skills that will help define essential questions to extract valuable insights, good analytical look at formulated hypotheses, and to read the results.

It is crucial to Have an objective; critical sense is vital to operational level professionals and C-Levels. The skill allows you to find ways to formulate all the material that connects to the business and lead as new stages of the process.

Communication beyond numbers

Assessing as important issues to solve a problem, data scientists must explore good communication.

They are the ones who communicated the processes and will do the “literacy” of the other departments, guiding them on which actions must be to reach the business objectives.

The path vectors that seek to understand the audience of this target and impact it through information have the role of communicating their findings to other technical and non-technical professionals in the organization.

Numbers and business guide scientists

Having in-depth knowledge about numbers is not enough for a data scientist.

It is necessary to understand the market and assist in solving day-to-day problems for business departments and intensifying growth strategies for the future.

Who wrote this post?

Joel Zamboni
Joel Zamboni is an entrepreneur with a business in technology, digital services, and coffee. Joel's career was developed in managed services with experience in international and complex enterprise environments. He worked on several projects including the migration of full data centers with thousands of servers to AWS & Google Cloud and more than 20.000 users to G Suite. He has extensive experience in the deployment and monitoring of Web Apps, Content Management, Billing Systems, CRM, ERP in companies like Nextel International, AARP, Natura, AOL, and HP.