Webera Git Flow

Introducing the Webera Git Flow - our open-source Git workflow designed to bring transparency and efficiency to your version control practices, integrated with the GitOps framework. Learn how we operate and gain valuable insights that can help optimize your own operations.
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Value Stream

Understanding value stream is crucial for DevOps success. This section explores how value stream drives DevOps, helping our clients and the community gain a better understanding and make better decisions.
Webera Git Flow

Remote Work

As a primarily remote company, we’ve developed a set of proven practices for successfully and efficiently managing remote teams. In this section, we share our experience and knowledge to help you make the most of your remote work environment.

Webera Academy

We’re excited to announce the upcoming Webera Academy, an initiative dedicated to cultivating and training the next generation of DevOps experts. Stay tuned for more information!

Container Images

Looking for standard open-source container images? We maintain an up-to-date library of containers based on the latest Ubuntu LTS with PHP, Apache, NGINX, and more, which you can access for free. Let our resources assist you in crafting a robust and effective containerization strategy.

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