Should DevOps be Rebranded as “Platform Engineering”​?

DevOps all is about bringing applications and product development closer to operations to shorten the feedback loop and speed up its processes. But what if we rebranded it? This rebranding would be a more accurate description of what DevOps practitioners do, and it would help clarify the role of DevOps engineers. This content will explore […]

DevOps and continuous delivery in the companies

When talking about DevOps, we cannot say that only developers perform IT operations tasks and operations teams only “code.” DevOps connects a company’s development and operations teams much more than we are used to seeing. Instead of developers doing their jobs and then handing the work off to the operations team, the two groups work […]

O DevOps e a entrega contínua nas empresas

Ao falar sobre DevOps não podemos dizer que apenas os desenvolvedores realizam tarefas de operações de TI e que as equipes de operações apenas “codificam”.  O DevOps conecta as equipes de desenvolvimento e operações de uma empresa, muito mais do que estamos acostumados a ver. Ao invés dos desenvolvedores cumprirem suas tarefas e depois passarem […]

7 Essential Tools For DevOps

For people less involved in technology: DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity. – AWS DevOps tools are a series of technologies that must be used to complete processes successfully. These tools help with implementation and integration and shape […]

DevOps Principles: Increase the efficiency of your product teams

There are significant benefits for teams looking for help on DevOps practices and applying them across the organization. For those not used to the concept, DevOps is the union of people, processes, and tools to automate the construction of software, enabling the continuous delivery of good experiences to users, which is one of the values […]

Princípios do DevOps: Aumente a eficiência das suas equipes de produto

Existem grandes benefícios para as organizações dispostas a pegar emprestado os princípios do DevOps e aplicá-los em suas equipes de produtos .  Para quem não está tão familiarizado, de forma simples, DevOps é a união de pessoas, processos e ferramentas para automatizar a construção de softwares, viabilizando continuamente a entrega de boas experiências aos usuários, […]