Why IT as a service make sense?

IT as a service is a concept that refers to the hiring of external companies to deliver solutions in the Information Technology area. It goes from creating network devices to developing applications, among many possible activities. There are different models of IT as a service. See below: When you hire companies like Webera, your company […]

8 Reasons Why the Principles of DevOps Really Matters

The adoption of DevOps practices already reaches 50% of organizations, but there are still doubts about its efficiency. When the principle of DevOps is applied correctly within an organization, it offers tangible benefits. In this article, we’ll look at ten key points on how DevOps can help your business grow. 1 → DevOps teaches flexibility […]

Learn how to plan your cloud storage

To be part of a cloud computing environment, organizations use planning processes and tools to achieve cost reduction, improve the speed of system implementation and improve system availability. These processes and tools provide system owners with the information to manage their environment and plan for future computing needs. Thus, professionals need to have a well-defined […]

Living in quarantine: improve your productivity with Google Meet

During this period of social isolation, everyone is looking for efficient apps to make video calls, be it for business meetings, remote classes or just to hang out with your family and friends. So, let’s know what has changed in recent times! Google Meet One of the main news that Google has brought is that […]